Spanish Property – Villa, Apartment Or Townhouse?

Spain offers a wealth of varied properties, and these properties range from the huge holiday apartments to the huge country mansions that are set with everything in them. The purchase of these homes has become increasingly popular among foreigners.

Below is a small breakdown of the types of properties available in Spain.


These are basically flats that are found in Spain. Majority of Spanish people live in the apartments, especially in large towns and cities.

Many resorts have been blocked by a large number of apartments that are built for holiday markets in those towns. Apartment constructions in Spain have continued without facing any challenges.

In addition, there is a good market for apartment buyers in Spain. The quality of the apartments and their style vary so much. Some of these apartments are located in the small side streets and are normally dark and cramped. While on the other hand, others are located on the large frontline beach as well as the golf development with extraordinary views that go as much as you can.

The Spanish law requires all apartment owners to abide by the rules and regulations of the community and must also be able to pay the community fees. Some benefits one can get from an apartment are that it requires low maintenance and has security especially if an apartment offers 24/7 securities.

However, you will have to put up with the noisy neighbours and a lot of crowding during the holidays.


These are rows of hoses that are terraced; they are normally made in a typical regional style and are also made around the communal gardens along with a pool.

These townhouses are very popular around the large towns and large cities with Madrid being one of the cities.

Townhouses are normally built in style called the Mediterranean village in the coastal resorts. Townhouses are normally very spacious and normally are often of three or more floors. It also has a garage basement, storage as well as a roof area that has a roof terrace.

Its disadvantage is that these types of houses have little garden space. It only has a small patch at the back of the house and front. Their construction is very recent and is often of good quality.

They are normally part of the community property, and owners are required to follow the rules and regulation of the community as well as pay the community fees.


In Spain, people do not like to live in detached houses, so you are more likely to find detached villas with pools on the outskirts of resorts and cities, rather than terraced houses which are common in the UK:

Some of the villas form part of the complex and may as well share the communal gardens. It also has a pool and is located on the small individual plots.

However, some of them are located on the large grounds. If the villas form part of the community property, the owners are required to follow the rules and regulations of the community.