Top Luxury Golf Vacation Package in Hawaii

The best 5-star resort hotels in Hawaii offer great golf on scenic courses. The Four Seasons is no exception; a golf vacation package there makes a luxury vacation tops.

The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai is one of the top luxury resorts on the Big Island of Hawaii, and many would argue that it is the best of the best. The couple or family who want the most high-end, 5-star vacation and treatment – when travel budgets are not an issue – find their needs met here.

Four Seasons Hualali Unlimited Golf Package

Now, here’s a secret: Even the most discerning, elite traveler seeks out luxury packages and deals. The Unlimited Golf Package, at this Four Seasons, is a great match of vacation value and world-class golf in a luxury setting. The Hualalai Golf Course was designed by Jack Nicklaus to be in harmony with the Big Island’s idyllic environment. A full 18-hole, par-72 golf course, it winds over 7,100 yards with fairways abutting the black lava rocks endemic to the Big Island. Fairways and holes actually weave through ancient lava flows and formations, thread through deep bunkers, and skirt the shoreline. Careful: The panoramic views of Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean might distract the most committed golfer! Family members uninterested in golf may, of course, avail themselves of the many other activities on the island, and the spa and other amentities at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.

Zagat’s Number One Resort: The Four Seasons Hualali Unlimited Golf Package in Hawaii includes:

  • Unlimited daily golf and driving range access
  • Use of golf cart with integrated GPS system
  • Breakfast for two at Pahu i’a restaurant or through in-room dining
  • Upgraded rental clubs (Callaway and Mizuno brand golf clubs)
  • Free ball markers, divot tools, sunscreen and band-aids
  • Complimentary “Putt with the Pro” golf clinic on Mondays at 3:00 PM
  • Complimentary “Chipping and Short Game” golf clinic on Wednesdays at 3:00 PM
  • Complimentary “Sand Bunker” clinic on Fridays at 3:00 PM
  • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages on the driving range and beverage cart
  • Free shoe service and sunglass cleaning
  • Access to the nine-acre driving range
  • Deluxe locker facilities use with personal amenities
  • Complementary Pro VI range balls on the driving range
  • Access to the 27,000 square foot short game practice area (with two bunkers and a 9,000 square foot putting green)
  • Complimentary fresh fruit in locker rooms, practice area, 9th hole “comfort area”

The Unlimited Golf Package provides as much course time as a golf buff could want, on a course that earned review comments like “best conditions ever,” and “near perfect” (Champion Tour Tournament). The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai golf package is typically available August through December, with holiday blackout dates. Zagat didn’t name this resort the Number One Resort in the World for nothing, obviously, and a stay here is a memorable treat. Luxury travel plans that include top notch golf don’t get much better than this; a great, 5-star resort golf vacation in Hawaii is the best at the Four Seasons.

Buying the Best Mattress Using Online Resources

Choose the best sleep mattress by using the Internet for product research, customer reviews and window shopping.

Browsing the Internet can be a cost-effective approach to buying the best small double mattress online or in-store. Like any large purchase, sleep mattresses require the consumer to take the time to know what they want and how much they are willing to pay for it. Vendors offer many kinds of sleep mattresses. Hence, buying the best sleep mattress could very well be determined by how much product knowledge consumers have before entering the store.

Using the Internet to Learn More About Sleep Mattresses

Gone are the days of the simple innerspring mattress that once graced bedrooms across North America and Europe over the past several decades. The mattress industry has long since discovered new and innovative ways to offer the best comfort and support for its consumers through a unique line of products such as memory foam, waterbed and latex sleep mattresses.

Many websites are devoted to offering quick and easy explanations as to the construction and design of different kinds of sleep mattresses. Simply browse through the Internet to view cross-sections, photos and diagrams that provide basic information as to how each mattress type could serve your health and budget needs.

Using the Internet to Read Sleep Mattress Reviews and Consumer Reports

A sleep mattress will cost hundreds of dollars and play an important role in the sleeper’s mental, physical and even emotional health. It’s no wonder that many consumers are careful when making such a large purchase. Some consumers prefer to look for the best-rated sleep mattresses in local outlets, while others prefer to window shop and confirm their list when they get back home.

Mattress reviews flow in abundance on the Internet. Simply visit websites devoted to mattress reviews and read through them to find information relevant to your needs. This information can also be used to spark a discussion with sales staff in your local mattress outlet.

Using the Internet to go Window Shop for a Sleep Mattress

Willing to buy a mattress online? Simply choose a product found online and visit your local mattress outlet to test out the very same item in person. Perhaps the vendor will be willing to match the online price or perhaps the in-store item can be found online for a reduced rate. In some cases, online coupons can be used to get a discount on the item as well. A note of caution: Be sure to buy a mattress from a reputable online vendor and read the fine print!

Consumers who understand what the sleep mattress industry has to offer are in a better position to decide what they want. This information will inevitably facilitate a more focused conversation with sales associate resulting in a purchase that should, quite literally, provide a good night’s rest for many years to come.

Home Staging Bedrooms: Decorating Tips That Captivate Buyers

A properly staged bedroom can sell a home. This feature is one of the top priorities for buyers – making a good presentation can improve your chance of selling!

After curb appeal and kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are the top selling features of a home. Why? This room needs to be the buyer’s personal oasis from day-to-day life. Whether it’s for parents of young children, a single professional or a retired couple, bedrooms are where they’ll go to unwind. If the bedroom doesn’t suit them, the sale is off!

So how do stagers help homeowners create bedrooms that feel like stepping into a luxury hotel? What tricks can make a small bedroom look bigger, a dark bedroom more inviting and a boring bedroom more stylish?

Creating a Stylish Bedroom

First, if the bed is old, consider buying a new one. You can get next day beds online, at very low cost. Bedrooms need to appeal to a wide audience, so it is not a good idea to use bold colours or designs that are overly personal. Home stagers downplay current owner’s decor with neutral linens and restful artwork that is not too individual or possibly offensive to buyers.

Light-toned bedding, along with a throw blanket and throw pillows in a coordinating accent colour, can add just the right amount of style to a room without overpowering it. Stronger colours can be used in accents and often create better photographs and more memorable bedrooms for buyers.

Adding some ‘luxury’ touches like a few candles, fresh flowers by the bed, a simple tray with coffee cups or a book will give buyers the right feel – a place where they can unwind and relax. Exactly the place to call home!

Making the Room Spacious

Small homes and condos have their charm but often lack a large bedroom. If you’re short on space, you can make several adjustments to your furniture arrangement to open up your room.

First, consider removing extra dressers. As long as there is a closet, the buyer will not readily notice the absence of a dresser. This can quickly open up valuable floor space, even though it means storing some clothing in another location or packing it away.

Use smaller side tables and remove all clutter from the tops of remaining dressers, armoires and tables. Clutter makes spaces look smaller and crowded, so computers, laundry and paperwork should also be moved or packed away.

Light, Bright and Airy!

Keeping the room light will appeal to busy home buyers who want a great start to their day. Heavy blinds or drapes should be removed where possible; opened for showings where it’s not.

A mid- to light tone paint colour will keep the room cosy but bright. Sandy shades or warm yellows work well. Blues or greys should be avoided as they may seem depressing to certain buyers.

Proper lighting is crucial. The right size lamps beside the bed are better than relying on overhead lighting alone which can be too direct and harsh. Lamps provide more comfortable lighting and add to the overall brightness and cosiness of the room. Lamps should be kept on during showings for the best presentation.


Transporting Medical Parcels – Extreme Care Required

The distribution of pharmaceutical products is widely known to be an art form in the transport industry. Not only are specialized refrigeration vehicles required but extreme caution must be taken at all times during the transportation of such. In addition, there are unique regulations which must be strictly adhered to in the transportation of healthcare products.

In many instances the transportation of healthcare products is not simply about getting items from one point to the next, it is about doing so with the most care possible. Often times transport companies are charged with the transportation of important pharmaceuticals which are required to save lives.

A professional medical transport company will ensure that they have correctly audited their management system and have employed highly experienced and trained drivers. The drivers will only work within a dedicated network of pharmaceutical professionals. Drivers should also be trained to know the importance of what they are delivering at all times.

The transportation of medical goods, can at times be a costly process. Each parcel is priced on its, weight and contents. Transporters will charge more for the movement of dangerous goods and will also charge more should the pharmaceutical company request multiple deliveries to the same destination.

How does the transportation of medical items work?

• Proper treatment

Specific treatment is required for the transportation of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. Drivers need to consistently log the temperatures within the trucks. This assists the customer in knowing that the items delivered were not exposed to extreme temperature changes throughout the journey. In turn, this ensures that the pharmaceutical products are safe for human consumption.

• Constant focus

Many governments force transportation companies to adhere to strict demands when transporting medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. The stricter demands placed on the transporters ensure that only the best quality products are received by patients. Professional transporters specializing in the movement of medical items will ensure that the needs of their customer are strictly adhered too at all times.

• Service

Transportation companies which specialize in medical items will ensure that they put the needs of their customers before anything else. Whether the customer needs an air-conditioned or refrigerated truck, the top companies should have all the necessary vehicles in their fleet.

• Wholesaler deliveries

Wholesalers of pharmaceutical products are one of the most important links in the healthcare systems of any country. Many transportation companies will give preference to these wholesalers. Their deliveries would normally take place during the early morning when conditions are optimal for the safe delivery of goods. Choosing a reliable solution for your logistics needs is of utmost importance.

• Pharmacy deliveries

Large transportation companies in the medical field will very often assign only one driver to a specific route. This will ensure that the driver has the best knowledge possible of the area he travels. By doing this the companies are also assured that the driver will be on time with his daily delivery as he would have better knowledge of the area he serves.